production and inventory control software
Features list of tick software

Production Planning & Control

  • Job Route Card (Made to Stock / Made to Order)
  • Daily Production Entry
  • Manage Scrap and Loss
  • Demand Material Slip
  • RM Consumption Voucher
  • Finish Material Received by Store Department
  • Maintain WIP Stock
  • Costing Sheet Generation

Purchase Order to Material Receipt

  • Generate Indent (Requisition Note)
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Item wise approved vendor
  • Short Close-Purchase Order
  • Multi Level Scheduling
  • Purchase Order Status (Pending / Completed)
  • Material Receipt Note

Material Requirement Planning

  • Product wise consumption estimates
  • Product wise Consumption analysis
  • Production requirement report
  • Purchase requirement plan
  • Stock Reservation (Exclusion of the same during MRP computation)
  • Reduced Lead Times & Manufacturing Cost
  • Reduced Purchasing Cost

Inventory Management

  • Comprehensive Recording of Stock Movement
  • Multi Locations Stock Control (Batch-wise)
  • Multiple Stock Valuation Methods
  • Stock Transfer to Locations
  • Re-Order Levels
  • Material Conversion
  • Physical Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Position

Bill of Material (BOM)

  • Inquire on a bill of material by using a single-level or multilevel format
  • Detail specific items and quantities that are used to assemble the parent item
  • Define Production Process (Item-wise)
  • Define items as parents or components in the assembly
  • Provide the foundation for Product Costing and Master Production Schedule programs

Job Work Management

  • Create Job Order
  • Incoming Material Received
  • Link with Production Floor
  • Dispatch Material through 57 F4 RGP
  • Receive Material from Job Work Through RGP
  • Generate Reports-Annexure VI & V
  • Job Order Status (Pending / Completed)

Sales Order to Dispatch

  • Lead Generation with follow-ups
  • Customers Sales Order
  • Dispatch Note
  • Stock Reservation (At the time of SOP)
  • Managing of Order and Tracking
  • Sales Order Status (Pending / Completed)

Benefits of TICK's

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Bank Ready Stock Statement
  • Life Time License
  • User Friendly
  • No Extra Hardware Required
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