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Discrete Processing

Auto component

Automobiles like discreet manufacturing companies have multiple processes like procurement, assembly, painting, testing, delivery, etc. of the automobiles. These processes are unique to a manufacturing company and hence, need a solution which can help the companies to streamline and view all the processes under one system.

TICK, a scalable and robust solution is capable of not only handling and streamlining all the processes on one platform, but also help the company have access to data and make critical business decisions on the go.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Submit accurate job quotes
  • Coordinate production—even across multiple locations
  • Control budgets and expenses
  • Efficiently manage suppliers and subcontractors
  • Deliver top quality after sales service

Industrial Machinery

In light of volatile dependencies on other industries, today’s industrial machinery manufacturers must not only meet complex customer requirements, but closely track and control expenditures to maintain profitability. Seamless collaboration from design to engineering, fabrication, installation and service is essential to minimizing costs and maximizing customer retention.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Accurately quote costs
  • Track complex projects through all phases
  • Monitor budgets and expenses
  • Keep up with rapidly changing logistics
  • Promote customer satisfaction

Steel Industries

The scarcity of power and raw material, coupled with rising costs, makes it critical for steel manufacturers to remain competitive in order to survive. Both small, unorganized players and large Multinationals find that it is imperative to have a 360 degree view of the business on a continual basis.

Whether you are a single product producer or a producer of custom-specific steel products, you need a solution that seamlessly integrates your operations and brings you the best of business practices in Steel and Steel products manufacturing.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Configurable quality processes and parameters
  • Track quality across all processes( both shop floor and vendor supplied parts)
  • Quality graded products and best deal for customers
  • Comprehensive rejection management and associated root cause analysis


Perhaps no other industry is faced with such rapidly changing consumer demands and expectations as electronics. A product’s shelf-life can be shorter than its production cycle and declining prices in retail markets create an extremely volatile sales environment. Electronics manufacturers are addressing these challenges by enhancing their ability to understand, analyze, and respond to market indicators.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Balance global sourcing to focus on total landed cost
  • Effectively manage over or under production
  • Ensure a high degree of transparency in product warehouses
  • Assess liquidity and optimize cash flow

Plastic Industries

With decades of industry experience behind its powerful plastics software solution, TICK understands the unique challenges plastics manufacturers face daily. From fluctuating raw material prices to family tooling needs and multiple UOM conversions to special inventory consumption requirements, thousands of plastics manufacturing and processing plants around the globe have discovered solutions and achieved greater profitability with TICK. From injection molding and extrusion to compounding and thermoforming, TICK industry-specific, plastics software addresses your demanding standards for on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Real Time Production Monitoring System
  • Multi-Level Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Item Graphical maintained
  • Multi-Tool & Family Tool Functionality
  • Industry Specific Bills of Material (BOM)

Metal Fabrication

The metals industry is characterized by a high percentage of small to midsized fabrication companies that supply larger manufacturers, including the automobile, electronics and construction industries. Competition is fierce, and with outsourcing, logistics and economic pressures mounting, metal fabricators are looking for new ways to get closer to their customers and gain a competitive advantage.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Find ways to make components better, faster and cheaper
  • Improve container and packaging management
  • Manage consignment warehouses
  • Consolidate relevant information on customers and prospects

Packaging Industry

From recyclable clamshells to top down bottles and pharmaceutical foil blister packs to flexible pouches, the packaging industry designs solutions that provide security, protection, convenience and marketing to the world. But with these innovations comes a unique set of manufacturing necessities, such as need for detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling and production flexibility. That is why your packaging company deserves a packaging-specific Production & Inventory Management software that fits your needs.

TICK packaging manufacturing software is designed with you in mind. It adeptly handles lot and serial traceability, UPC labeling, pack outs, external and internal document control and BOM flexibility for dies and inks so that your company can improve its operational excellence and stay competitive.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Flexible Units of Measure
  • Lot and Serial Traceability
  • Multi-Level, Industry-Specific Bills of Material
  • Vendor Order Process

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