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Worldwide the Chemical industry is facing significant challenges such as increasing federal taxes in the U.S. and Europe; an expanding array of rigorously enforced standards; and long, capital-intensive regulatory approval processes for new drug applications and medical devices. Given this backdrop, it's imperative that biomedical firms operate efficiently, conserve capital, and manage assets effectively.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Improve raw materials planning and utilization
  • Control complex parts inventory
  • Facilitate collaboration between departments
  • Efficiently manage new drug requirements


TICK is designed for Milk Processing Centres, Chilling Centres and Collection Centre to cover a wide range of Diary administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Diary Management System that provides relevant information across the Diary to support effective decision making for Customer care & Diary administration, in a seamless flow.


Pharmaceuticals is a complete solution that empowers pharmaceutical organizations to efficiently execute key business processes in the face of market volatility. With its robust architecture, user-friendly tools, and industry-specific functionality, this end-to-end solution simplifies operations, boosts productivity, and helps companies

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Respond innovatively to rapidly changing market needs
  • Efficiently meet time-bound market pressures
  • Adhere to safety and regulatory requirements
  • Capitalize on emerging opportunities

Key features/functionalities of ORION Pharmaceuticals

  • Risk and compliance management
  • Product safety and quality management
  • Batch and lot number traceability
  • Integrated information and reporting module for better investment decision-making
  • Supply chain data management
  • Production, planning, inventory, shelf-life, and packaging management

Food and beverage

TICK is a one-stop shop for your food and beverage production management system. By connecting directly to Head office and plant floor, TICK handles every aspect of food manufacturing operations to ensure food and beverage companies can maximize efficiency and minimize cost and risk.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Easily manage your supplier lot information — from the time of receipt, through production and onto shipping, while ensuring correct segmentation for quality and traceability purposes
  • Manage production with efficient scheduling and an innovative Control Panel that is connected all the way to your plant floor equipment.
  • Ensure that work centers are cleaned, maintained and prepped to government or customer specifications.
  • The TICK Control Panel enforces completion of required steps through check sheets before production can be started.

Medical Device

TICK offers a powerful Production & Inventory software solution to comprehensively meet the unique challenges of the medical device manufacturing industry. When medical device quality and enterprise-wide traceability are critical factors of success.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Up-front risk assessment
  • Complete audit trail of manufacturing processes
  • Quality Control
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Lot and serial tracking and traceability


Be equipped with smart technology to run your cement business efficiently. TICK for Cement Manufacturers can help you control your operations end-to-end—from raw material procurement to shipping. With best practices and functionalities built for the cement business, you can also ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor your inventory in real-time to manage your raw material and fuel requirements.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Negate raw material proximity issue by making long-term & short-term procurement plans
  • Take control of fuel supply using blanket purchase orders; firm up your fuel plan well in advance
  • Follow-up pending orders closely with the order management system, execute customer orders within 24 hours and achieve customer satisfaction
  • Use power optimally and lower production overheads


Paint manufacturing is a huge industry in itself. Nearly every industry and sector of the market from real estate, to manufacturing uses paint in its production elements. For new constructions, paint has become the essential components of the development stage. The growing automotive industry creates a huge demand for the industrial paint in market. Paint industry are now taking proactive approach for adopting Software to streamline and scale their processes.

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Formula management with multiple levels of complexity
  • Tracking formula revisions automatically
  • Tracking lot/Bin SSCC with full recall and traceability
  • Batch and formula management and tracking change histories
  • Automatic unit of measure adjustments
  • Managing inventories with expiration dates including by-products
  • Job and product costing from start to finish on every order
  • Vendor performance and quality management
  • Monitor standard and user defined key performance indicators


critical business functions (manufacturing, quality, inventory, jobwork, and sales), while linking all of your information through integrated business intelligence functionality. Gain total visibility – in real time – to all your information so you can run more efficiently and grow more profitable.

The market of fashion and trends is ever-changing. TICK understands the competitive nature of the cosmetic manufacturing industry and with the help of TICK Solution, your business will have all the tools it needs to succeed. TICK offers extensive options to fulfill these accelerated demands, including:

TICK Software provides you and your team the tools to:
  • Established formula management system (BOM)
  • Reliable lot and tracking solution
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling
  • Material Planning
  • Flexible quality control and management

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