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How and why Tick was evolved ?

TICK Production Information System During this long journey in Enterprise Solution segment, Team TSL, felt the need of ultra low cost solution to Small & Mid Manufacturing Units who are desperately looking at a generic Production Management Software (an Alternate ERP). These SMEs are already using some accounting software which delivers them everything except a Production Management System to check their production losses, their inventories, their Material Requirement planning, yield, management of Bills of Materials (BOM) etc.

An idea was conceived by Team TSL. With the helps of mentors from the field, an idea was incubated and prototype was developed. After testing by actual users across the segment, first version was released during 2013 and its second version was brought in November 2014.It carries now features which match with 95% requirement of any manufacturing unit either in Batch Processing or Continuous Process or discrete production system. Out of all these hard efforts India’s first Branded CD based Production & Inventory Management Software (an Alternate ERP) was born.


Tick Softwares Limited (TSL), a young venture backed by 22 years expertise on subject, has been promoted to empower SME segment to manage their manufacturing operations by the help of Tick to ensure minimum waste of product, optimum level of inventory, smart production planning, control over Bills of Materials and many more.

tick softwares professional has been mentored by Professional who have three decades experience in handling SME, IT Wizards, IITians, and experts from factory operations.

TSL is part of Group Nexgen (, a well established and recognized service group from India which caters Enterprises by its Advisory Services, Media and Exhibitions and innovative IT products for SMEs. Companies under umbrella of Group Nexgen are Nexgen Exhibitions Private Limited (, Tick Softwares Limited (, Nexgen Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. ( and Headquartered in New Delhi, group is steered by Professionals in different discipline under the leadership from Chartered accountants, Graduate from renowned management and Engineering colleges. Group Nexgen’s services in its entire sphere are aimed to alleviate the level of performance of its client thus favoring the development of Trade and Industry and promoting investment in the national economy. Group Nexgen, in true meaning, is growth engine as we never forget that Growth of our customers is our raison d’être

“Your Factory, Your Control”

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