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How and why Tick was evolved ?

Tick , a boom to SME, was born out of 22 years’ experience into full featured ERP which was being implemented into medium and Small sized Manufacturing enterprises by our parent company. Most of these clients were opting accounting by most popular Software like Tally and Busy but willing to implement ERP in other segments like Production Management, Inventory Management, Order Management ,Procurement Management, Quality Control, Waste and rejection watch, etc.

To implement ERP without accounting feature was a challenge for them. Another challenge before SME were long and costly implementation of market available ERP, and adoption of ERP due to complicated configuration of ERP.

Tick Softwares Limited, specially incorporated to cater SME , rolled out Tick , as a product, exclusively for those SME which are using some accounting software but wish to automate other operations of their works. Tick can be connected with any Accounting Software. Its feature covers entire functionality of any manufacturing operations except accounting. It is standard ready to use software product which can be made functional within few hours.

Tick can be perceived as India’s one and only Production ERP with lowest cost, lowest implementation time , lowest pay back period and highest feature in its segment.

Tick is such a product which you can not resist to use for your manufacturing operation.

“Your Factory, Your Control”

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